Yalla Playing Cards - Level 01

Little Maysoor

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Game One: Yalla

Yalla is a fun, exciting & educational game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It has a similar concept to Go Fish.

The objective of this game is to spell as many Arabic words you can. Each player is dealt 7 cards and the remaining cards are left in the deck. You can choose to play with 5 cards each. There are 14 words to find in total but you can play with less if you wish.


1 - Remove all 14 ‘Vocabulary Cards’ from the deck & place them face up.

2 - Each player is dealt 7 cards. Do not show your opponent your hand.

3 - Players take turns to ask their opponent for a letter e.g. “Do you have a meem in the beginning form?”

4 - The ‘Special Cards’ can be used at any time during the game.

5 - If your opponent runs out of cards, they can pick up 3 from the deck.

6 - If there is a stalemate, play rock, paper, scissors to determine who wins the remaining cards.

7 - The player with the most cards wins.

8 - 70 card deck

Game Two: Memory Game

The objective of this game is to test the strength of your brain in memorising the exact location of each letter. Then, you must reveal each letter to spell a word in the order those letters appear in that word.


1 - Select at least two full words in order to play this game (from the single letters).

2 - Use the 'Vocabulary Cards' which match the words you have selected. Keep these cards word side up to help each player if needed.

3 - Ensure that you have an even amount of cards (either select two 3 lettered words or two 4 lettered words).

4 - Now, turn the cards Yalla side up (except for the Vocabulary Cards) and mix them up.

5 - Next, lay out the cards neatly in an orderly fashion.

6 - Take turns in trying to reveal each letter to spell a word. The letters must be revealed in the correct order.

7 - The first one to reveal the most words (in order) wins.

Game Three: Guess the word


The objective of this game is to increase your vocabulary and word recognition by identifying the Arabic word based solely on a picture, or being able to remember the English word by reading the Arabic text.


1 - Lay out all of the words from the ‘Vocabulary Pack’.
2 - You can either place them picture side up or Arabic side up.
3 - Players take it in turns to guess the Arabic word for the image, or the image that goes with the Arabic word.
4 - If the player gets the word correct, they keep the card..
5 - The player with the most cards wins.

Game Four: Word of the Week


Select one word from the ‘Vocabulary Pack’.
Display the word around the house (fridge, on pegs).
Each day, take one letter from the selected word and explore how to write it in it’s isolated, beginning, middle and end form.