KA’BAH 🕋 Adventure Board Game

Little Maysoor


🎯 Love a bit of unadulterated family fun? Love creating life long memories with those who mean the most to you? Love learning about Islam, but in a way that excites and challenges you? We see you, and you are definitely not alone.


Why You’ll Love It

KA’BAH 🕋 Adventure Board Game promises to deliver:

• Guaranteed Family Fun❗️
• Competitive Play ✅
• Learning Opportunities ✅
• Life-long Memories ✅
• Up to 6 Players ✅
• Age Appropriate Questions ✅
• Convenient & Neat packaging ✅
• An Evening to Remember ✅

We have not cut no corners when it comes to our sleek, smooth matt finish which feels deluxe. Our board game conveniently and neatly folds down into 4, revealing our gold foil KA’BAH 🕋 Adventure logo saving you space when storing away. Designed to attract, we’ve incorporated an innovative game play where you can challenge yourself and your loved ones of different ages while you increase in your Islamic knowledge at the same time. Educate yourself on an array of interesting topics ranging from Tawheed & Aqeedah, Fiqh, Salah, Ramadan, Hajj, Eeman, Eid, Arabic & the Quran. In a world wherein we are fast become consumed and overburdened with technology, our KA’BAH 🕋 Adventure is the best way to reconnect with family & friends in a natural way, helping you to feel happier, more engaged and enjoy a fun evening in.

The objective of the game is to make it to the KA’BAH 🕋 before your opponents, trying your best to avoid any Danger ⚠️ Squares along the way. If you are fortunate enough to land on a Special Square you can jump ahead of your opponents to whatever number is written inside the square. Be careful of the shark 🦈 and piranha infested waters, the wild hungry ape 🦍 and the wicked laughing hyenas stationed on the hilly mountain tops. You have to tread carefully past the furious lion before being greeted by the bald headed eagle protecting the KA’BAH 🕋. 

This fantastic innovative board game brought to you by Little Maysoor was designed by father and daughter duo, Christopher & Maryam Beaumont. Instead of going back to sleep after Fajr, they stood in the kitchen one Ramadan morning in what felt like hours sketching out on a piece of A4 paper what would now be called KA’BAH 🕋 Adventure. This product is currently available in the U.K & will be available in the Maldives 🇲🇻 too InshaAllaah. To support Maryam’s (aged 13 at the time) entrepreneurial endeavours, Little Maysoor have agreed to reward her with 10% of profits…for life!