Arabic Ninja

Little Maysoor


Arabic Ninja 🥷🏽 15 Pop Out Revision Cards to Help Your Child Solidify the Arabic alphabet among other things. 

So you want to be an Arabic Ninja 🥷🏽?

This product enables your child to master the Arabic alphabet, by interacting with and answering a series of questions written on durable pop out card. Each card is double sided and is ideal for a early learning activity. Once your child has completed the 15 thought provoking questions, the product includes traceable beginning, middle and end letter forms in addition to 15 new pieces of vocabulary. The pens included are wipe and clean which means you are can use it over and over again 😊 

This resource provides 4 activities in 1:

Resource #1:
After you feel comfortable with memorising the Arabic alphabet, why not take yourself to ‘ninja status’ by answering these 15 specially designed questions to test your ninja skills. Once your answer is complete, pull the lever to reveal the answer.

Resource #2
The next stage in your Arabic Ninja mastery journey is to practice each letter in the *beginning, middle* and *end* form that each letter appears. Simply, flip the first 1/8 of the 15 cards over and begin working on your penmanship. Be extra careful to stay on the dotted lines like a true ninja!

Resource #3
Cards 9 - 13 provide you with 15 new vocabularies for you to practice writing out and now work on joining letters together to form real words. All of these new words are verbs!

Resource #4
Cards 14 - 15 have been left blank on purpose for you to practice anything you want and solidify yourself as a true Little Maysoor Arabic Ninja 🥷🏽.


This product is now available!